How much is it to subscribe?
Please see our Subscribe Page for all the information needed.
How many magazines do we publish per year?
A000J is released 4 times per year based on the season Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.
How can I advertise in the magazine or on the website?
If you wish to advertise with A000J please contact the editor on one of the following methods.

Australian 000 Journal
Level 24, 300 Barangaroo Ave
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 1300 61 55 13
Fax: 02 8079 6166

Can I get help with my artwork design?
Yes, we have a dedicated graphics design team here to help you in every aspect of your advertisement.
Are you a charity?
No, we are not a charity or fundraising institution or solicit on behalf of any charity.
Are you a government funded institution?
No, we are not government funded or associate with any government or similar institution.
Who is your publisher?
We publish our own magazine.
Are you affiliated with any other magazines or publishers?
A000J is not affiliated with any other publications.
Do you do a hard copy version of the magazines?
No, we feel that with the way technology is heading it is only a matter of time before everything becomes 100% digital or electronic and on the world wide web. This is why we have chosen to lead the way into the future and produce quality digital publications full of interactive media content.
Is pricing negotiable?
Yes, advertising pricing is always negotiable. Especially for yearly packages in all 4 publications for example.